Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pinwheel quilt

I was invited to a baby shower, but she didn't find out it was a boy until only a few weeks before the shower.  Of course I had to wait and figure it out; I've made too many neutral quilts this year. :)  (Although this one would be fine for a girl, too.)

I had a considerable number of leftover squares from Dylan's zig zag quilt.  Luckily, I remembered them and turned them (literally) into a fun pinwheel shape for the Spring birth.


With the recycling of the squares, it took only a week, and best of all, made with fabric from my stash.  I added a few Backyard Baby panels to the center for interest.  

Solids are Kona; backing fabric is by M'Liss.  The trail of the airplanes blended perfectly with the meandering quilt stitch. 

My first pinwheel quilt is complete.  The baby shower was today at 3; I finished binding at 10 am and it came out of the dryer by eleven.  Phew.  :)

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